• The HOUR Trader is the quarterly directory of businesses and individuals who accept the local currency, HOURS.

       The HOUR Exchange is excited to announce that after 15 years in existence, our local currency network is mobilizing to move our directory of goods and services online, in an easily searchable format! This platform will provide a multitude of options for making local economics more user-friendly Instead of our local directory existing solely in a static print form, it will be online and in real time. The new website will provide users with easier modes of communication, and improve awareness of the multitude of goods and services available locally. Participants will be able to edit their listings anytime, anywhere, as well as easily browse new posts, wanted ads, and offers. Check out our campaign at http://hourexchange.org/index.php/the-hour-trader/seedthefuturefundraiser and our closed campaign at https://igg.me/at/corvallishours

HOURS is the name of the local currency in use in Corvallis, Oregon, and the surrounding region.  The HOUR Exchange is a membership organization dedicated to the health of the local economy and provides this currency system for the Benton County region.

The HOUR Exchange is a non-profit organization providing education and tools to promote ecologically sustainable, community-based economics. We aspire to be a model for community based economic systems that promote local commerce, fair wages, environmental responsibility, regional self-sufficiency, and neighborliness.

Established in 2002, our mission is to educate and promote sustainable community-based economics. The basic premise of our program is that by printing and circulating community money, we can help keep local businesses thriving, support entrepreneurs, and network within the community to find local goods. By becoming a member you will become an active contributor to this community enriching system. Membership dues support the services we provide. Join our network!

As an organization we oversee the creation, issuance, and administration of the local currency, HOURS, publish the HOUR Trader, a quarterly newspaper which contains the directory of participants, and organize quarterly community events to bring people together.

To become a member and list your services in the Hour Trader: Member Listing Form

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