HOUR Grant Applicant Guidelines

The HOUR Exchange is a non-profit organization providing education and tools to promote ecologically sustainable, community-based economics.   To assist in reaching that mission, the HOUR Exchange allocates a portion of the HOURS issued that can be distributed as grants to community groups and individuals doing work that aligns with that mission. To load a .pdf of our grant application, click here.


In reviewing grant applications we will prioritize projects or organizations that help grow, nurture and strengthen the local currency system and/or supports local non-profits whose mission aligns with the mission of the HOUR Exchange.

For instance we favor projects that:

  1. Impact larger rather than smaller number of individuals.
  2. Expose and educate people about HOURS.
  3. Involve several HOUR Traders to utilize their skill or product.
  4. Benefit a non for profit organization or cause.
  5. Make a significant effort to provide a target audience with information about HOURS beyond a single event.

Project Examples:  ask an HOUR Trader to play music at a festival; receive catered goods for a non-profit event from an HOUR Trader; hire laborers to help set-up an event; consult with a landscaper for advice on improving a community eyesore;  buy produce to serve at a neighborhood gathering; etc.


  1. Grants must be used within six months.  An extension may be requested, if needed.
  2. Individuals and groups are only eligible to receive one grant per year.
  3. For events, the host is asked to introduce HOURS and have HOUR Trader Newspapers available.
  4. Send a brief written or visual record (e.g. thank you note) showing how the grant was used in order to help us promote our partnerships.
  5. The maximum grant is 20 HOURS. 


NOTE:  Please allow 4-6 weeks advance notice since grants are made at monthly Board of Trustees meetings.  Board meetings are generally in the first week of the month. Board Members with a conflict of interest with a proposed application are required to abstain from final decision-making on those grants.

  1. Complete the attached grant application (also available at www.hourexchange.org) and attached any other pertinent information.
  2. Submit application to the board by mail (HOUR Exchange PO Box 1534 Corvallis, OR 97339) or to a board member (call 541-224-7752 to contact the board chair).
  3. Stay in contact with the board chair regarding the status of your application.


NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change and will be reviewed and updated once a year, or as necessary to reflect the current priorities of the community and respond to the growing membership.

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