Earning HOURS

Here are some hints for increasing your HOURS income:





  1. Post the “HOURS Accepted” sign at home or work. Tell people you accept HOURS.  When you do, it tells them that you support social justice, local control of our economy, and a healthy environment.
  2. Introduce yourself to merchants who accept HOURS. Find these business names next to listings.  Ask what help they need. Most have a regular supply of HOURS and often need odd jobs done.
  3. Host an HOURS Garage Sale, by posting a “HOURS ACCEPTED” sign.  We provide the signs free.
  4. Come to an HOUR Exchange Event. Our quarterly events are an excellent place to network with other Exchange members. Bring samples of your work to show or business cards to give to others. It is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to others and discover the talents and skills of people in our network.
  5. Sell an unneeded or used item in the HOUR Trader. Re-circulate your unneeded items into the community for HOURS. Line ads cost $1 each and run for one issue (three months).
  6. Recruit a storefront business to the HOUR system.If you recruit a storefront business into accepting HOURS, we’ll pay you two HOURS.  Mail us the coupon with your name as the finder.  When the business enrolls and begins to accept HOURS, you get the fee.  The business gets paid 3 HOURS for signing up.  We have additional information available for businesses members.
  7. Advertise in the HOUR Trader. Members of the HOUR Exchange who are listed as accepting HOURS may place a display ad in the HOUR Trader. Ad sizes/costs are: 5 ½ x 5” for $75.  2×5” ad for $50. Business card size ads $25.  We accept HOURS for advertising.
  8. Become an HOUR Exchange Volunteer. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities in helping the HOUR Exchange.  Occasionally there are jobs available in which you could get compensated with HOURS.  Check with the program coordinator for available positions.




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