The Corvallis HOUR Exchange would like to invite you to participate in our community currency network.

Established in 2002, our mission is to educate and promote sustainable community-based economics. The basic premise of our program is that by printing and circulating community money, we can help keep local businesses thriving, support entrepreneurs, and network within the community to find local goods. By becoming a member you will become a contributor to this community enriching system.

Consider how you can become a part of this community enriching network! Participating members place listings into our quarterly directory of goods or services. This could be a storefront business, entrepreneurs, or some way you can offer your skills or goods in the community. Supporting memberships is a way to support in the way of financial contributions. All membership dues help us publish our quarterly directory and host community networking event four times a year!

You can now become a member online through our website using Paypal! Click here to goto this online membership form.


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