Advertising Rates

HOUR Trader – Rate Card

Up to 5 line ads are included with Annual Membership Dues. The following are the rates for Display Ads.

Display Ads

1/6 Page – Large Ad (5”x5 ½”)=$75

1/8 Page – long business card (2”x5”)=$50

business card (2”x3¼ ”)=$25


Run 4 consecutive issues/ 1 year – payable in full at first issue:

1/6 Page – Large Ad (5”x5 ½”)=$250

1/8 Page – long business card (2”x5”)=$180

business card (2”x3¼ ”)=$80

Non-profit  –  25% Discount

Non-profits and community groups receive a 25% discount on above rates.  Contact us if you are interested.

Display Advertising

Production Charges & Specifications

Production Charges:  Basic ad make-up is free of charge.

Illustration services cost $30.00 hour, by arrangement.

Photography by arrangement.


Proofs will be delivered on request when possible.  Proof service is to correct typographical errors and deviations from original layout – NOT for changes or additions to the original copy or design.  It is the responsibility of the advertiser to report errors.  Changes from the original design, layout or copy may not be possible after deadline.  These changes are subject to a minimum charge of $20.


Digital .pdf files are preferred.

Camera ready art is a one-piece stat, quality laser print-out, or clean photography bordered and sized to fit.  Halftones screens should be 85 line.

Ad Deadline

The first day of March, June, September, December.

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