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Member Name: Larisa LaMere | Posted on: November 20, 2018

I can do pant/jean alterations and other small scale sewing project.

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Member Name: MollyMae Sews | Posted on: March 25, 2018

Custom one of a kind clothing. Orginal clothing items, copies of a favorite article of clothing and mending. I focus on vintage reproduction clothing and one of a kind items.

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Member Name: MrTieDye | Posted on: March 8, 2018

Sometimes I do random ties and dye random and this is one of those tee… one of a kind.  I use Procion dyes which are professional strength commercial dyes, the…

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Member Name: Serena Kapuler | Posted on: March 7, 2017

Costume consulting and unique headwear: fascinators of all kinds, clip back, pin back, large, small, unicorn horns. Handmade from upcycled materials with love.

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