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RAINBOW DELIGHT – Neon Paper Pyramid Light Garland

Posted on: December 4, 2017
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An electrically bright, day-glo strand of paper pyramid lanterns, made with repurposed printmaking papers and card stock.

Perfect for decking out a campsite at a music festival, a chill room, or any time you need to channel Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.

(Like the lanterns but feeling a different color palette? I do custom work, so just message me!)


Neon stripes and brushwork cover these lanterns, contrasting the sharp geometry of the pyramids. They are very bright and slightly psychedelic, and give off a cool neon glow when lit. Colors used include: magenta, orange, acidy yellow, kelly green, chartreuse, aqua, and pink.

Each lantern is painted by hand with a variety of different paints and techniques, giving the lanterns a wide variation in color and texture.

Our garlands come in three sizes –
Long: 22 ft / 100 lanterns. $77. Connectible plugs at each end.
Medium: 11 ft / 50 lanterns. $51. Connectible plugs at each end.
Short: 8 ft / 20 lanterns. $29. Connectible plugs at one end.
(Strand pictured is a medium.)

Plug is for standard US outlets (AC, 120 volts/60 Hz). Lights are warm white incandescent. Strand uses approximately 20 watts.

Since each strand is made to order, your garland will not look identical to the one pictured, but will be very similar. A one-of-a-kind piece of glowing art, the only one to exist on the planet! Pretty cool, right?

Forms of Payment Accepted
HOURS, cash, or a combination of both. Also open to some bartering.
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