Start Earning HOURS now!

Participate in our Community Inventory of Offerings & Requests

In response to the current emergency and economic stress, we are curating a new and updated online directory of all the goods and services available in the local HOUR Trader community.  To participate go to Participate in our Community Inventory or click GET STARTED below. To learn more about HOURS click How It Works.

To make this list available to all we are currently offering an open enrollment and have waived membership fees. During this time, when you submit an offering of services or goods, you are eligible for a one year membership and will receive all of the benefits, including start up local currency for submitting a listing of goods and/or services. For those who are able, we gladly welcome financial donations of HOURS or dollars for membership. 

Benefits of being a member:

  • Posting offerings in our online Community Inventory
  • Opportunities to vend at HOURS events (once group events resume)
  • One vote at Annual Membership Meeting
  • Active participation in community building and developing a strong local economy
  • Receive 2 HOURS after offers or requests are submitted into the Community Inventory

The Nuts and Bolts

Anyone who completes the community inventory form found on the GET STARTED link will become a member for the next year, and will receive a disbursement of 2 HOURS. We encourage you to submit more than one offering or request. Only one disbursement of start up HOURS are made per member. Members will receive an email with a copy of the current HOURS community listings, a login link to the private web page with the updated HOURS community listings, and access to the HOURS closed access Facebook group page where members can post more items, services or needs.

How will the information be shared?

Initially we will produce a simple web-page listing that only members (those who have submitted an offering) can access. This directory may also be posted in the closed, members-only Facebook group. We are currently keeping the directory available only to members for two main reasons:

  • It is intended for use by HOUR traders, so goods and services are primarily bought with HOURS, which by definition are only held by members of our community. 
  • We respect people’s need for privacy and to have their contact information protected. Because having  listings online and available to the internet at large could have unintended consequences, we have decided it is in our interest to limit access at this time. 

How do I make trades during lock down?

Currently, the State of Oregon has a stay at home order. This is defined as going out for essential items, such as for food, pharmacy, etc. We at the HOUR Exchange encourage you to abide by these guidelines and choose wisely when obtaining your essential services. 

To help in the exchange of essential goods and services,  drop-off points and trading posts are being established around the community. These areas will be: easily accessible but not public, covered but not enclosed, and set up so that items in bags or boxes can be dropped off and picked up. We will share this information with members with usage guidelines.  Individuals may make any arrangement they desire, such as, ‘drop it on my porch, the envelope with HOURS is under the mat’, or whatever can be mutually agreed.

The Legalese

It is very simple – no illegal services or goods may be offered or requested. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate listings or individuals for poor conduct. Services for which a contracting license or other trade license or permit would normally and ordinarily be expected to be in place, are to be held by the individual offering that service, i.e. trades that require CCB, licensing (hair dresser, massage, etc.)

Code of Conduct

The HOUR Exchange encourages good neighborliness, such as personal accountability, honest communication, awareness of our actions and their results, and sharing responsibility for creating an abundant future for our region (from Bylaws section 2.4). Parties are expected to act in good faith, negotiate transparently, provide accurate descriptions of goods and services, and conduct themselves responsibly.

In the case of misconduct or abuse, the HOUR Exchange retains the right to remove a listing or disbar a member deemed in violation of this code of conduct.

Limitation of Liability

The HOUR Exchange nor its Board of Trustees are responsible for the contents of any listing, nor are any trades conducted through our directory service protected, warranted or guaranteed by theHOUR Exchange nor its Board of Trustees.

While every effort is made to ensure quality and suitability for our marketplace, it is the responsibility of the individuals engaging in the exchange to ensure their own well being and satisfaction.